Every Alba whistle is made from a high grade aluminium alloy and has a fipple plug made of albanite. The plug comes in a variety of colours but as the colours vary from batch to batch, unfortunately they cannot be specified with your order. All whistles feature a curved windway to reduce moisture problems. All keys are available as tuneable versions with the soprano available as a non-tunable whistle.

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: Engraving whistle design
key:  £10.00  
The engraving can be cut in and filled with a colour or engraved with a diamond tool which will be shiny email me to discuss details
soprano : Vibe design
tuneable key:  £105.00  
The new Vibe is a blend between the old Q1 and vibe soprano and has incorporated the best of both. Increase in price to bring my whistles in line with competition
Alto / Low: Vibe design
E key:  £135.00  
Soprano : Vibe slick design
key:  £125.00  
You can order a coloured slick custom to you. Email me for details. but please note that custom whistles can not be returned for a full refund
soprano: Vibe design
tuneable key:  £155.00  
This is the new custom super Slick it has an alloy vibe head with a brass tube covered with acrylic outer. can be made with two barrels one D and one C I can offer other colours and combinations. again Email for details please note :custom whistles can not be fully refunded
mezzo soprano: vibe design
tuneable key:  £110.00  
The Vibe C is the similar to the D but longer and has all the same caracteristics but in C
alto: Vibe design
tuneable key:  £125.00  
the new design Vibe is now the only one made in all keys
low tenor: vibe design
tuneable key:  £135.00  
These whistles come in the Vibe design.The Eb is a bit smaller in length. The Tenor D is often called Low D.
bass: vibe design
tunable key:  £150.00  
the Bass whistles can be made in other keys such as B Email for details
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We reserve the right to change whistle designs without prior notice.

If you have any trade enquiries or special orders. please contact Alba Whistles for further information.

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UK Europe Rest of the World
1 to 2 6.00 9.50 12.00
3 to 5 add 1.00 per additional item
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Your order will be posted within 30 days, however, occasionally instruments in less common keys might take slightly longer.
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