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Sound Samples

Here are some examples of tunes played on various Alba Whistles.

Emily Gheal
Aaron plays bass A
5 Beat Jig
Aaron plays Low F
Ned O the Hill
played on a vibe super slick D
Paddy Taylors
Vibe soprano D ...another from Mick
Played on my Eb...Thank you Mick.
Picts Jig
For Wee Robbie. Played on a Vibe soprano D
The Blue
Dear Stacey, I hope you enjoy my Tribute to the late Natasha Richardson, (tragicaly killed, the actress wife of actor Liam Neeson), played on my Alba Low E. I am pleased with this whistle you made me. I saw her in Patty Hearst and Assylum with Sir Ian McKellan Both good films and Liam in Michael Collins and Schindler's List. Your's in appreciation, Vijaya Garuda.
Load of Hay
Played on a Low D Standard
Heimstad (Home)
A weddingmarch written and played by Haakon Esplo for a couple that got married in a small stavkirke . He says 'The Albaflute sounded wonderful together with the old pump-organ in the ancient Church'.
Played on a Q1 by Haakon Esplo and Written for his own wedding early this summer in traditional Norwegian weddingstyle (closely related to Irish and Scottish music)
Whelins Jig
Played on an Alba standard Mezzo soprano Bb
Wild Mountain Side
Played on a standard Alba whistle in the key of F
Wild moutain side and Caledonia
Played on the new Vibe Low D whistle

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